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Street Fighter 6 Revealed, More Details Coming Summer 2022

Capcom has shared the first look at Street Fighter 6 with more news about the game to be revealed in the coming days. Here’s the teaser trailer.

Street Fighter 6 appears to sport a more realistic art style than its predecessors. It now matches the visuals of Tekken with a modern 3D fighter if we go by the teaser trailer. However, it could still retain its classic look with a modern aesthetic.

To celebrate this announcement, Capcom has shared the teaser trailer. Take a look at this trailer below to get a brief look at what they are planning to do with it.


There are no announced platforms for the game so far and the official press release didn’t share many details. Capcom did share two screenshots and the official logo for the game. There is also the official website that was promoted in the YouTube description but it doesn’t appear to reveal any updated information. More information is expected to drop in Summer 2022.

In the case of Street Fighter V, Capcom went with a cell-shared 3D art style that received mixed results. It looked great in certain cases but also made some of the characters look much worse.

Street Fighter V was released exclusively for the PS4 and PC. It received several expansions after its launch that added more than two dozen fighters to the game. Capcom plans to stop the support for the game and focus on the newly announced Street Fighter 6 after the latest Capcom Pro Tour concludes.

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