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Street Fighter 6 Season 2 Update Drops With Akuma, Patch Notes Are Massive

Capcom has released a new season 2 update for Street Fighter 6 bringing Akuma and starting a new season as mentioned in the patch notes.

The patch notes for this update are absolutely massive and go through each and every character in the game. The update is available to download now as patch version 1.000.012 on PS5. It should be live on other platforms as well. The download size of this update on PS5 is 4.7 GB with the patch version being 1.000.012. The PS4 should have a similar size, and the patch version 1.12 should apply to the season 2 update.

Street Fighter 6 Season 2 Update Patch Notes

Universal Changes

  1. Input Recognition Adjustments:
    • For ground-based special move commands (↓↘→ or ↓↙←), the Input Recognition Frame has been reduced from 11 frames to 9 frames. This change means that players must press the attack button within 9 frames after the final directional input for the special move to be recognized.
    • For air-based special move commands (↓↘→ or ↓↙←), the Input Recognition Frame remains at 11 frames.
    • For complex special move commands (←↙↓↘→ or →↘↓↙←), the Input Recognition Frame has also been reduced from 12 frames to 9 frames.
  2. Mid-air Command Moves:
    • The input difficulty for instant aerial commands has been slightly eased. Specifically, for commands involving ↓↙← + K, any downward direction (↙, ↓, or ↘) can now be used before the final directional input.
  3. Double Down Commands:
    • If Medium Punch and Medium Kick are pressed between a double Down tap, no command will be performed. This adjustment prevents accidental execution of a double Down command move immediately following a Cancel Drive Rush from a crouching attack.
  4. Jump Landing Hurtboxes:
    • The hurtboxes for Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Lily, and A.K.I. while landing from a jump have been moved upwards to match other characters, preventing unexpected attacks from hitting them.
  5. Stun Timing Adjustments:
    • A bug has been fixed where, under certain conditions, no combo scaling would be applied after a stun when an opponent in Burnout blocks a Drive Impact.

Drive Parry Adjustments:

  • The throw hurtbox has been expanded during the Drive Parry technique.
  • From the 3rd frame and beyond, the hurtbox has been expanded.
  • The active parry hitbox time has increased from 8 frames to 12 frames.
  • Recovery after the active frames has increased from 29 frames to 33 frames.
  • The time until the Drive Gauge starts to regenerate after absorbing an attack has decreased from 60 frames to 20 frames.

Perfect Parry Adjustments:

  • The gauge fluctuation from a counterattack after a Perfect Parry has been reduced. This affects all attacks until the combo ends, not just the first attack.
  • The Super Art gauge increase for both the attacker and damage-taker has been reduced from 100% to 80%.
  • The Drive gauge increase for the attacker has been reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • The Drive gauge decrease for the damage-taker has been reduced from 100% to 50%.

Drive Rush Adjustments:

  • The attack and throw hurtboxes of the Parry Drive Rush have been expanded to match those of a regular Drive Parry.

Drive Impact Adjustments:

  • The buffer input window has increased from 5 frames to 10 frames, facilitating smoother movement immediately after recovery when the Punish Counter cutscene is not triggered.

Drive Reversal Adjustments:

  • The recovery on block has been improved from -8 to -6 frames.
  • The attack hitbox has been expanded downward to prevent low-profile techniques from avoiding the attack.
  • Pushback distance on close-range block has been standardized across all characters.
  • A bug fix ensures that damage no longer increases on counter hit.

Recovery Drive Reversal Adjustments:

  • Drive Reversal can now be performed during recovery from a knockdown with the same command (→+HP+HK). This version of Drive Reversal has an attack start-up of 18 frames, which is 2 frames faster than the normal Drive Reversal but will not darken the screen or stop time.

Light Attack Adjustments:

  • The initial scaling for standing and crouching light attacks has increased from 10% to 20%.

Cross-Up Capable Jumping Light Attacks:

  • The recovery time for jumping light attacks has been standardized, adding 1 frame of recovery to some characters to match the longest advantage time. This affects characters like Luke, Jamie, Marisa, Lily, Juri, Ryu, E. Honda, Guile, Ken, and A.K.I.

Full season 2 patch notes detailing individual character adjustments can be found on the official website.

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