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Kingdom Hearts 4 & Earlier Titles May Be Released For Nintendo Switch 2

Square Enix Kingdom Hearts series, including Kingdom Hearts 4, may be set for release on the Nintendo Switch 2.

Twitter/X insider Midori, who has previously shared details on titles in development at Sega and Square Enix, has heard from her sources that the entire Kingdom Hearts series, including Kingdom Hearts 4, may be released on the Nintendo Switch 2.

Kingdom hearts 4 switch 2

The Twitter/X insider also mentioned that Kingdom Hearts 4 will feature some small online component. She also said that the game looks very different from what was shown in the first trailer. According to her, Kingdom Hearts 4 is codenamed Quattro internally at Square Enix. She also stated that more outside IP collaboration for the Kingdom Hearts is planned in the future, whereby characters from the series will make an appearance in IPs not belonging to Square Enix.

Midori said that the same source that provided her with details on Kingdom Hearts 4 also mentioned to her that there was no Final Fantasy X remake in development. However, the source did confirm that multiple Dragon Quest projects as well as the Final Fantasy IX remake are in development.

Previously, another Twitter/X insider, DanielRPK, had claimed that Kingdom Hearts 4 is scheduled for release in the year 2025. Given his good track record with such leaks, it seems quite probably that the game may indeed hit store shelves sometime by the end of next year. That said, game development is a complex undertaking, and it may get pushed to early 2026 if things don’t come together on schedule. The same insider had also shared that Disney is working on an adaptation of Kingdom Hearts, though it is currently unknown whether it will be a film or a TV series. Perhaps this is what series creator Tetsuya Nomura meant when he vaguely talked about a different direction for the series. As for whether the movie or TV series will tell its own story or whether it will be a re-telling of the original Kingdom Hearts is unknown at this point.

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