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Suicide Squad Features World Map Twice The Size Of Arkham Knight, Dynamic Weather & Day/Night Cycle

The world map in Warner Bros Games and Rocksteady Studios’ Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is twice the size of the world map in Arkham Knight, and the game will feature dynamic weather and a day/night cycle.

Reddit user Ritual_Owl has seen an internal i.e. “not final” edit of a trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League at a trade show. As such, they have brand new details regarding the game, which have been verified by a Reddit moderator.

Suicide squad world map size

Editions & Pricing

The first thing that the Reddit user shared is that the game will be available at retail in two editions. One is the standard Day One Edition, which is priced at $69.99 and includes extra costumes. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition will cost $99.99, and will let buyers play the game 3 days early. It will also come with battle pass points and the extra costumes included with the Day One Edition.

World Map Size & Features

Regarding the actual game, Ritual_Owl mentioned that the Metropolis world map featured in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is twice the size of the city of Gotham in Arkham Knight. Additionally, according to them, the trailer stated that the game will feature dynamic weather and a day/night cycle (dynamic Time of Day). However, they mentioned that no examples of either feature were shown during the trailer.

Future DLC

Furthermore, it was mentioned that Rocksteady Studios is working on a year’s worth of extra content for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, including brand new characters and missions. According to the Reddit user, the trailer also stated that players can experience the game in co-op or play solo. It was also mentioned that playing solo would require players to switch between the 4 protagonists, though it is not clear whether this will happen seamlessly a la Spider-Man 2’s character switching. The trailer also highlighted that each character has distinct traversal and combat. It also made no mention of microtransactions or xp or anything related to it being a game as a service.

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