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Super Bomberman R 2 Review – Explosive Multiplayer Fun, Lackluster Story

Konami has breathed new life into the Bomberman franchise with their latest offering, Super Bomberman R 2. Unlike its predecessor, which initially launched as a Nintendo Switch exclusive before being ported to other platforms, this sequel has been designed as a multiplatform title from the outset. Moreover, it boasts a significantly broader scope and offers more content than the original Super Bomberman.

Super Bomberman R 2 features a variety of single-player gameplay modes, as well as innovative multiplayer options. However, the game truly shines when played with others. While the single-player story mode offers initial enjoyment, its appeal tends to wane over time due to its repetitive nature. Additionally, the story cutscenes, which are largely filled with fan-service elements, do little to enhance the experience.

At its core, any Bomberman game revolves around survival and progression, achieved by strategically destroying blocks within each level. Super Bomberman R 2 adds a fresh twist to this classic gameplay by introducing new multiplayer modes, including an exhilarating 64-player battle royale. This mode serves as a fascinating extension to the traditional Bomberman gameplay. Players start in groups of four, with a 60-second timer counting down. As the timer reaches zero, levels are progressively eliminated, funneling the remaining players into a new, more intense race against time.

The main storyline of Super Bomberman R 2 is, regrettably, a letdown. The cutscenes are best avoided unless one has a penchant for poorly written dialogue and contrived excitement. The central plot centers on rescuing various planets from the ominous Black Moon and saving creatures known as Ellons, which augment Bomberman’s abilities. While the level design in the story mode adopts a semi-open-world approach, offering some freedom, the mission objectives themselves are quite rudimentary. If the core Bomberman gameplay doesn’t appeal to you, the story mode is unlikely to change your mind. Ellons, which can be discovered throughout the levels, serve multiple functions, such as enhancing defense and unlocking new areas or enemy bases.

While the game does attempt to introduce a sense of progression by allowing Bomberman to grow stronger over time, these upgrades offer little in the way of enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The story mode’s gameplay loop is, quite simply, not engaging. Although it represents a marginal improvement over its predecessor, it still falls significantly short of expectations. Konami would do well to study how to craft a compelling story mode for a Bomberman game—a feat that has been accomplished by Namco in their PacMan series.

Super Bomberman R 2 also introduces a novel gameplay mode called Castle. This mode, which is integrated into the story, allows players to construct and fortify a base with various traps and barriers. Enemies will attempt to breach these defenses, but their success will largely depend on the player’s strategic planning. Players can also raid enemy bases to seize valuable treasures. In the multiplayer variant of Castle mode, online play is available, serving as an extension of the battle royale concept. Here, players defend their bases while attempting to infiltrate others. This mode offers a refreshing change of pace for those who find the story mode lackluster.

For enthusiasts of customization and level design, Super Bomberman R 2 offers a level editor feature. This tool not only allows you to craft your levels but also to share them online. Additionally, you can download levels created by other players, thereby potentially offering limitless replay value. The game also includes a Grand Prix mode featuring a variety of minigames, further enriching the multiplayer experience. In terms of content, Super Bomberman R 2 is quite robust. Konami has incorporated an extensive range of customization options, including costumes inspired by their classic game franchises.

Regarding the game’s compatibility with SteamDeck, it is fundamentally functional but leaves room for improvement in terms of performance. My experience suggests that adjusting some of the settings on SteamDeck could enhance the gameplay experience. It’s worth noting that the PC version of the game supports crossplay with other platforms, which should help maintain a healthy multiplayer population, provided the game retains its player base over time.

Super Bomberman R 2 Game Information

  • Price: $49.99
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer:  Konami
  • Platform: PC (Reviewed)
  • Disclaimer: A review code was given by the publisher


Super Bomberman R 2 excels in delivering a rich multiplayer experience, introducing innovative modes like a 64-player battle royale and Castle mode for strategic base-building. However, the game's single-player story mode falls short, offering repetitive gameplay and a forgettable narrative that doesn't quite ignite the fuse for a compelling solo adventure.

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