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Alan Wake 2 Dev Claims Xbox Series S GPU/Memory Were A “Big Problem” For Development

The Xbox Series S GPU and memory configuration presented a “big problem” in the development of Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming survival horror game, Alan Wake 2.

During a recent interview, Remedy Entertainment Communications Director, Thomas Puha, was asked whether a console like the Xbox Series S is a net positive in the eyes of the studio. He responded by stating that having to develop Alan Wake 2 for the Xbox Series S gave rise to some major issues.

Alan wake 2 xbox series s

Puha elaborated further by saying that, with the Xbox Series S, the CPU is pretty close to the one in the Xbox Series X, as there isn’t a massive difference in processing power. However, the GPU is an issue, he said. In addition, he mentioned that having less memory to work with is a pretty big problem.

Furthermore, Puha talked about scalability, and how it is often brought up in relation to making PC games. He stated that memory is not a problem on PC. He pointed out that there’s a massive difference in power between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It’s a lot easier to scale on PC because of memory not being a concern on the platform. He added that there’s isn’t just one super PC and one weaker PC. Rather, there are 300 PC configurations in-between. While he admitted that dealing with a vast array of configurations is a massive struggle, he said that Remedy Entertainment has shipped a lot of PC games, and is, therefore, in a better position to tackle it.

He mentioned that the studio has worked really hard to get the Xbox Series S to run Alan Wake 2 at a stable frame rate of 30 fps, while trying to maintain good visual quality. However, he said that those wanting to see the game at its best in “full next-gen form” will need to play on hardware that is capable of handling it.

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