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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fifth DLC Fighter Disappoints a Lot of Fans

Nintendo has revealed the fifth and final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pass 1. It has led to a lot of disappointment among the fans.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a rather dedicated fanbase that loves to speculate and discuss almost any news regarding the game. It is already one of the best selling fighting games of all time and continues to sell well. The first Fighter Pass for Super Smash Bros Ultimate included five DLC fighters. The last one of them was revealed today.

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Before the reveal of the final fighter, it was heavily speculated that Dante from Devil May Cry would be making his debut in the game as a DLC fighter. This hasn’t turned out to be the case, however, the last fighter comes from another series, Fire Emblem, that already has a lot of characters included in the game.

super smash bros ultimate byleth

The new addition to Super Smash Bros Ultimate is Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses. He will join the game as a fighter in addition to Garreg Mach Monastery stage and 11 new music tracks from the Fire Emblem series. Challenger Pack 5 will go lie in the game on January 28. The addition of Byleth will bump the character roster to 80 fighters.

Nintendo is also adding some new Fire Emblem content to the game. It will get a new Spirit Board featuring other popular characters from the Fire Emblem series. A Heroic Legacy will be a new classic mode route that will highlight classic Fire Emblem stages.

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In addition, new Mii Fighter costumes inspired by Cuphead, Rabbids, Altair and various Mega Man games will be available for purchase on January 28. Players who purchase the Cuphead Mii Fighter costume will also receive a new music track, Floral Fury, which was originally featured in the game’s classic Cagney Carnation boss battle.

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