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Super Smash Bros Ultimate 5th DLC Reveal Due Soon, Possible Fighter Rumored

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will get its 5th DLC fighter to reveal on January 16. Here’s one of the possible rumored fighter for the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans are already crazy about speculation related to the game’s DLC fighters. Nintendo has released four of them with the last one officially revealing on January 16 by Sakurai himself.

Nintendo has announced a Livestream featuring Sakurai and the reveal of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pass 5 on January 16 at 6 AM PT. It will run for 35 minutes which makes it quite lengthy for a simple demonstration. This fighter has been rumored for a while now but with nothing concrete, it is hard to determine which one is making the jump to the game.

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Just to refresh the memory, the first fighter pass which released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate added four new fighters to the game so far. They are Joker (Persona 5), Hero (Dragon Quest), Banjo Kazooie, and Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury). The last spot is still a mystery and there is no character that has been confirmed for certain.

super smash bros ultimate dlc 5

The rumor right now is that Dante from Devil May Cry will be revealed as one of the fighters for Smash Bros Ultimate. This has been speculated based on two sources. One if the voice actor of Dante, which accidentally spilled the beans on Dante coming to Smash Bros Ultimate during a podcast on YouTube.

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The second source of speculation is an official announcement that is due on January 16 from Capcom. It is related to the upcoming Devil May Cry 3 Nintendo Switch port but it is possible that this announcement is linked to Smash Bros Ultimate. This is due to the announcement happening on the same date as the Smash Bros Fighter Pass 5 reveal.

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