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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Halo Master Chief Rumor Debunked

Super Smash Bros Ultimate was rumored to get a new DLC fighter based on the popular Halo franchise in the form of Master Chief, but this rumor has been debunked.

The rumors surrounding Halo’s Master Chief being a part of the second Fighter Pass started to occur with the datamining of the game. One of the data miners posted about finding hints regarding the inclusion of Master Chief in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This started to spread widely even leading one of the ‘insiders’, Vergben, to post about it.

The rumors didn’t pan out as we saw in the recent Nintendo Direct. Sakurai confirmed that the next DLC fighter that will join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster is Kazuya from the Tekken series.

After the Nintendo Direct, 343 Industries community director, Brian Jarrard, confirmed in a tweet that there is no validity to this rumor of Master Chief or any Halo collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo.

As a longtime fan of both games, it would be amazing to have a Chief/Smash announce today. Nothing is happening that I’m aware of, but maybe momentum this week can open a door, ” said Brian Jarrard.

The community director also mentioned a potential for this collaboration in the future by tagging both Phil Spencer and Doug Bowser of Nintendo.

In the past, there was a similar collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo when Banjo and Kazooie made their way to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter roster in the form of a DLC. While the current rumor has been debunked, this doesn’t mean it is not possible to happen in the future. The last DLC fighter is still left for Super Smash Bros Ultimate so we have to wait and see if this rumor pans out or not.

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