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Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn Review – New Battles, Old Ground

Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn functions primarily as an expansion aimed at engaging fans who are already invested in the game and its characters. This DLC doesn’t introduce significant innovations in terms of storyline or gameplay mechanics. Its development came as a surprise, given that the original plans for Tales of Arise did not include any DLC content.

The expansion’s main goal is to build upon the game’s ending, making it a potential spoiler for those who have not completed the main game. To access the DLC, players are required to finish the base game. However, for those who might be playing the expansion on a different platform, or do not have a completed save file, the game offers an option to auto-progress to the point where the DLC becomes relevant. This feature is particularly considerate for players switching gaming platforms or those who have lost their save files.

Tales of Arise concluded with a satisfying ending, but it left several questions unanswered. Beyond The Dawn seeks to address these lingering mysteries, offering fans closure and further insight into the fate of their favorite characters. The story picks up a year after the main game’s conclusion, revealing that the world has been experiencing difficulties since the events of the game’s climax. The expansion brings back familiar faces like Alphen and Shionne, along with the rest of the original cast, and introduces new characters to enrich the narrative.

The main storyline of Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn revolves around the emergence of mysterious mausoleums after the planets Rena and Dahna merge, which is a consequence of Alphen and Shionne’s actions. As the inhabitants of these planets adjust to their new combined reality, they face a novel threat. Alphen’s mission is to locate the source of these mausoleums and close them to ensure a successful and peaceful union of the two worlds.

However, one significant drawback of this expansion is its lack of depth in terms of narrative. The story seems more like an extended filler, unnecessarily prolonged to create a substantial DLC experience. Its length of 15-20 hours may seem overly drawn out for what could potentially have been condensed into a brief cutscene or reserved for a full sequel. This might be disappointing for players who were expecting a more compelling storyline following the conclusion of the base game. For those who loved the combat system of Tales of Arise and are seeking more gameplay, this expansion might seem appealing. However, for those who have completed the main game and are looking for a significant addition to the story, this DLC may not provide sufficient motivation to return.

On a positive note, the DLC excels in character development. The main cast is given more depth, undergoing substantial growth throughout the expansion. Additionally, the combat system remains a strong point, presenting new challenges and an opportunity for post-game content. This DLC can be seen as an end-game mode, offering a fresh set of challenges even for players with the most advanced weapons and equipment. It requires a deep understanding of the game’s combat mechanics, ensuring that battles remain engaging and demanding, even for seasoned players.

My initial experience with the PC port of the game was largely positive, but I encountered a notable issue: a bug caused the game to render at a lower resolution right from the start. It was somewhat frustrating to troubleshoot the resolution glitch, especially considering that Bandai Namco has yet to address this problem in its post-launch updates. On a brighter note, the game scales impressively, performing well even on the Steam Deck. Adjusting certain settings can enable it to run at 60 FPS.

In terms of gameplay, I enjoyed the Beyond The Dawn expansion, despite not being particularly fond of its storyline. I approached it as an end-game extension, focusing on delving deeper into the engaging combat system and exploring further character development of the main cast beyond the core narrative.

Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn Game Information

  • Price: $29.99
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Developer: Bandai Namco
  • Platform: PC (Reviewed)
  • Disclaimer: A review code was given by the publisher


Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn plays it safe, extending its universe for devoted fans without breaking new ground. While it commendably develops characters and retains an engaging combat system, the expansion stretches a thin narrative over an extensive playtime, potentially leaving those craving a richer story unsatisfied.

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