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Tales of Arise Has No Denuvo On PC, Supports 144 FPS and More

Tales of Arise won’t feature any nasty DRM that can potentially sap its performance. It will also support 144 FPS and other PC exclusive features.

Tales of Arise is due out soon. The game will be released for PC in addition to the current and last-generation consoles. In a thread on Steam, new features for the game were confirmed.

  • There is no anti-cheat or Denuvo DRM for Tales of Arise
  • Frame Rate can go up to 144 FPS
  • The agreement for Data Usage/Data Collection can be rejected.
  • The game will feature a variety of customization options including Shadows, Screen Space Reflections, Bloom, Motion Blur, AA, Resolution Scale, and more.
  • Will likely support native wide-screen
  • Will feature full customization for keybindings using Mouse or Keyboard

These sound like quite a lot of features for a PC port of the game, but Bandai Namco is actually quite determined to bring their finest efforts to PC.

They have previously delivered a great PC port with Scarlet Nexus so you can look forward to Tales of Arise achieving the same. It is one of the most anticipated games of September.

Tales of Arise is confirmed to support 4K at 60 FPS on the PS5 and Xbox Series. If you are on the fence about the game, you can download a demo for it on consoles. This demo is not available on PC unfortunately, so the final launch will determine if the port is what has been promised, or underwhelming.

Salal Awan

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