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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – How To Farm Grade Points

In Tales of Vesperia, Grade point is awarded by doing some specific activities. This guide will help you with a method that can farm them easily.

As covered here, Grade is mostly used for the post-game content. It can be useful if you want to have an easier experience going through the game a second time. There are some tricks using which you can farm Tales of Vesperia Grade points.

How To Increase Grade Points In Tales of Vesperia?

The grade points that you are able to earn in Tales of Vesperia depends on the difficulty setting. First, make sure that you have higher difficulty in order to get more grade points. The second criteria that determine the Grade are the items that you will use during a fight. Try to make sure that you don’t end up needlessly using items just to pass a battle.

How To Farm Grade Points In Tales of Vesperia?

This method has some prerequisites but the end result makes it worth doing it all. To start off, you will need Rita to have the Tidal Wave Arte, as well as the following skills equipped.

Light Magic
Minimum Damage
Spell End
O.L. Boost
Spirits, Spirits 2, Spirits 3, and Spirits 4
OVL Bonus 2

Once you have all of these skills combined, it will help Rita cast spells faster without wait between them. They will do low damage and might restore TP after you go into Over Limit. Next, you will need to equip Rita with the Risky Ring so her TP consumption is reduced to just 1.

Afterward, make sure to equip the Weapon Skill, ‘Taunt 2’ and Blue Dice on your three other party members. This helps you get an increase of 20% for each Blue Dice equipped by the character, leading to a total 60% increase overall. Lastly, use the following strategy for these party members.

Target: Help Allies
HP: Avoid Risk
TP: Do Not Use
Action: Defend
Position: Keep Distance
Item: Do Not Use
OVL: Do Not Use
FS: Do Not Use

This will simply let the AI stand idle and taunt so you can go into Over Limit easily. Now go outside of Halure at night and get into a Link Encounter with three or four of the enemies that look like a pig.

As soon a the battle begins, get Rita to Over Limit Lv. 1 and cast Tidal Wave. Mash the ‘Arte’ button and never stop so the enemy is constantly getting juggled. Keep mashing the button to repeat the attack until you get the Fatal Strike option, but don’t use it. This just gets you to grade points.

If you are running out of Over Limit or TP, use an item to get it back. Learning the timing of the end of each Over Limit, it can lead to a loop where casting Tidal Wave should get you back most of it.

Once you are done with farming grade points, simply use the Fatal Strike when promoted to end it and earn additional grade points by doing it.

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