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Team Ninja Has No Plans To Port Rise Of The Ronin To PS4

Team Ninja has no plans to port its upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive action role-playing game, Rise of the Ronin, to PS4.

The store page for Rise of the Ronin on the PlayStation Store has been updated with a new FAQ, which offers clarity on the possibility of a PS4 version. Regarding the possibility of a PS4 version of the game, the FAQ states that Rise of the Ronin will not be available to play on the PlayStation 4. As such, no further room has been left for speculation.

Rise of the ronin ps4

The FAQ also offers clarity on Rise of the Ronin’s exclusivity status, stating that it is an exclusive game built for the PS5. That said, given how exclusivity often works, the game might end up on other platforms after a certain period.

Rise of the Ronin transports you to a tumultuous era in Japan, where great changes are unfolding. This combat-centric open-world action RPG is set during the final stages of the Edo Period, a span of 300 years known as “Bakumatsu.” As the late 19th century unfolds, Japan grapples with oppressive rulers, deadly diseases, and the encroaching influence of the Western world. Amidst the ongoing civil war between the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Anti-Shogunate factions, you step into the shoes of a Ronin – a warrior unbound by allegiance and empowered to shape their own destiny.

Team Ninja’s brand new IP seamlessly merges historical inspiration with thrilling gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to be fully immersed in a meticulously crafted world, where the mastery of combat with Katanas and other traditional weaponry is artfully blended with the introduction of firearms that reflect the distinctive spirit of the time.

Beyond the action elements, the developer is focused on delivering a multilayered story that showcases the world of the Bakumatsu period and the revolution that took place. The characters that you will meet all have their own brand of justice and motivations, and whom you choose to side with is said to play a key role.

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