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The Callisto Protocol Update 1.14 Is Out, Here Are The Patch Notes

The Callisto Protocol update 1.14 was released today along with the new DLC, Contagion Bundle. Here are the details of this new update.

According to Striking Distance Studios, this update will bring new DLC support for the game. Contagion Bundle adds a new Contagion difficulty, new death animations, and more.

Contagion mode, which promises to bring the thrill of survival horror to new heights, presents players with limited resources, stronger enemies, and no manual saves. The challenge is on – and the stakes are high.

Contagion Mode in The Callisto Protocol is not for the faint-hearted. Players must fight tactically and use their ammunition wisely, as their progress is reset to the beginning of the chapter if they die. With the game’s difficulty custom-balanced, players will have to be at their best to survive.

The Contagion Bundle for The Callisto Protocol also includes 14 all-new ways for Jacob to die at the hands of the Biophage. Additionally, players can look forward to the Watchtower Skin Collection, a UJC-themed pack of player and weapon skins for all their gear.

The Callisto Protocol Update 1.14

  • Added support for Contagion Bundle DLC
  • Various bug fixes

Previously, an update had fixed the HDR issues with the game while another patch had added a Hardcore difficulty mode for free.

In Hardcore mode, players face numerous challenges, such as fewer resources, less effective weapons, and tougher enemies. Biophages drop less loot, and contraband is less valuable. Completing the standard Hardcore mode playthrough unlocks New Game Plus mode, along with new achievements and trophies.

The Callisto Protocol follows ship captain Jacob Lee, played by Josh Duhamel, and Dani Nakamura, played by Karen Fukuhara, who are trapped in Callisto’s Black Iron Prison after their ship is overtaken by a terrorist group. The game’s developers, led by industry veteran Glen Schofield, promise a gripping horror experience with stunning graphics and visual effects.

The Callisto Protocol is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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