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The Last Guardian Has Some Game Breaking Bugs In 4K/60 FPS, Here’s How To Avoid Them

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian, like several other last-gen exclusives, is available to play right now on the newly released PlayStation 5 console. The game is even playable at 4K/60 FPS if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices.

Right now you can play the patched version of The Last Guardian on the PlayStation 5 at a steady 30 FPS no problem. But if you happen to own the disk version of the game, version 1.0, you can enjoy the experience at the superior frame rate of 60.

The problem with version 1.0 of the game however is that, although it is not limited to 30 FPS like the patched version of the game, it is also missing four years’ worth of bug fixes and other improvements. So although you can play the game at 4K/60 FPS right now, you’ll also have to contend with some game-breaking bugs.

This guide is then intended to help you deal with this problem.

The Last Guardian Game-Breaking Bugs On PS5

According to this Reddit post, there are three points in The Last Guardian version 1.0 where the game stops working:

  1. During the bridge section that was shown in the E3 2015 demo, the game freezes while you are in the middle of the big jump.
  2. Just before you enter the arena, there is a slow-motion jump sequence during which the game also freezes.
  3. A bit after the Tower Suits fight, there is a section where Trico has to jump down into a large chamber with 3 more suits, but he refuses to do so.

Now, this might seem really tedious, but the only way to avoid these crashes and bugs right now is to update the game to the latest version available on the PlayStation store.

Then play through the area that crashed before, just until you reach the next checkpoint.

The Last Guardian

Now uninstall the updates from your console, and reinsert the disk to install version 1.0 again to revert to 60 FPS.

The entire process is pretty simple once you understand what to do, but it is very time-consuming. So only do this if you can’t bear to play the game at 30 FPS.

This should be it for The Last Guardian Game Breaking Bugs guide. You can also check out our article on the new project being teased by the developers of this game.

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