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The Medium PS5 Ray-Tracing Fixed With New Update But Performance Is Still The Same

The Medium PS5 version didn’t offer any ray-tracing like the Xbox Series, but that was resolved after an update was released by Bloober Team.

Despite the update, the performance of the game is still bad while the load times are improved, they are still slower than on Xbox Series.

The Medium on PS5 launched without proper implementation of ray-tracing, but that also led to the game running at a higher dynamic resolution than the Xbox Series X. This has been patched with a new update that has now put the resolution similar to the Xbox Series X with the addition of ray-tracing.

There are still some issues with the port. While it adds support for the DualSense controller, the performance suffers due to frequent stutters. The perspective continues to switch between a dual-reality with a split-screen view or a single-screen, which is where the majority of stutters appear to happen.

Ray-tracing has finally been added to this version of the game, but it still lacks some of the better shadows that were featured on the Xbox Series X. The load times are also longer than the Xbox Series X version. Overall though, this is certainly not a bad port and if the stutters are reduced or eliminated, this can be enjoyed.

The Medium is already available on Xbox Game Pass. The game was recently released for PS5. For more details on the game, read our review of The Medium.

Salal Awan

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