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The Medium Has Already Recouped Its Dev and Marketing Cost

The Medium developer Bloober Team has confirmed that they have already recouped the development and marketing cost of the game with launch sales.

In a press release as reported on the polish website Money, the developers declared the game a success and confirmed that the launch sales have already recouped them the development and marketing cost of The Medium.

“According to the issuer’s estimates, the sales of the game ‘The Medium’ have reached a level that covered the costs of production and marketing of the game, ” reads the press release.

the medium sales

The Medium is an exclusive new survival horror game from Bloober Team. It is only available for the Xbox Series consoles in addition to PC making it one of the first exclusives to only release on the new generation of consoles while skipping on the old ones. The game was also released on its launch for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

The Medium is a psychological horror game that takes its inspiration from the cult-classic Silent Hill series and features a dual-reality gameplay mechanic that simultaneously plays out two different timelines in real-time making it a highly demanding game on PC and consoles.

The Medium was released on January 28, 2021, and it is currently available for Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox Series consoles. The game can be purchased for $49.99 with a launch discount for Game Pass subscribers or on Steam.

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