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This Returnal Tip Will Save Your Life (and Time) More Than Once

Returnal is a challenging game but thankfully there is a way to make it less of a challenge, and with this tip, it almost feels like cheating.

Returnal is a rogue-lite third-person shooter that strives on the player dying again in order to get powerful for their subsequent runs. While it can be challenging, there is a hidden cheat/tip that can prove to be incredibly valuable and save a lot of time and headache when progressing through the different biomes.

How To Restore Health In Returnal

One simple trick using which you can restore your health in Returnal and start a room or Biome from scratch is by heading back to your ship Helios. If you go back and sleep in your bunker, you will wake up with full health/integrity without losing any progress.

returnal tip

This can be incredibly useful if you have explored a Biome and are heading into a boss fight. You can go back to your ship, sleep to restore health back to full, and then head back to fight the boss. This will make hopefully make it easier to defeat them.

Another tip that we recommend is to invest in health boost and upgrades when in Biome 1. This will prove to be incredibly useful as you clear one Biome to the next. It is actually possible to create an overpowered Selene with health upgrades. You should also focus on upgrading the Pylon weapon as soon as possible.

Returnal has its fair share of bugs too and Housemarque is investigating some of them. The game has drawn criticism for its save data which is also being looked at by Housemarque. The Finnish developer hasn’t promised any fix for the save data issue but acknowledged that they will look into it.

Returnal is available now exclusively for the PS5.

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