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Tomb Raider Developer’s New IP Features Open World & 3rd-Person Platforming

The new IP from Tomb Raider developer, Eidos Montreal, will be set in an open world, and will feature third-person platforming and puzzle solving.

Last year, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier had mentioned that Eidos Montreal had been working on a brand new IP. Based on recent job listings for the positions of Level Designer, Lead World Level Designer, Performance Level Designer, Lead Level Designer, and Chapters Level Designer, it appears that the Tomb Raider developer’s new title is set in an open world, featuring third-person platforming and puzzle solving.

Tomb raider open world

The listing for Lead Level Designer states that the new recruit will work closely with the director team, oversee and supervise the design and implementation of the game’s various villages and civilized zones, their population of non-playable characters and the various interactions with the player. Experience in open-world mission design is mentioned as a preference for this position.

Meanwhile, in the listing for Chapters Level Designer, experience with either level design layouts for complex combat encounters or layout design for third person platforming/parkour traversals is stated as a preference.

Candidates applying for the position of Level Designer are expected to develop 3D playgrounds and levels, integrate actors and scripted events, and balance the gameplay in-game by designing 3D puzzles to solve, bringing mental and physical challenges to the gamer. Experience in Puzzle Level Design is listed as a preference.

The listing for the Lead World Level Designer states that the new recruit will in close collaboration with the development team, oversee and supervise the design and implementation of the various environmental story zones, puzzles, and storytelling activities.

Lastly, the Performance Level Designer will be responsible for Performance moments in the game, including narrative assets integration (dialogues, cinematics), scripted Events (on player, AI, animals), and exotic moments (walk and talk with AI companions, action driven fast sequences etc.).

As such, the job descriptions of the aforementioned positions suggest that Eidos Montreal’s new IP is an third-person open world adventure game, with emphasis on platforming and puzzle solving, much like in the earlier Tomb Raider games.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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