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How To Unlock Archon Class In Remnant 2

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games’ third-person shooter action role-playing game, Remnant 2, is now available, and if you’ve been looking to unlock the Archon class, read ahead.

The secret and hard to find Archon class in Remnant 2 has finally been discovered. In order to acquire it, players will need to use very specific loadout and classes to unlock the red door in the Labyrinth.

Remnant 2 unlock archon class

Guide To Unlocking Archon Class In Remnant 2

In order to unlock the Archon Archetype, the first step is to gain access to the Developer Room, also known as The Backrooms. Follow the steps outlined below to acquire all hidden Developer Room items and unlock the Archon class in Remnant 2.

How to Become Corrupted (Ford/Corruption Loadout)

  1. Equip a very specific loadout that matches Ford’s:
    • Equip the entire Realmwalker Armor Set
    • For the Relic, you will need the Void Heart
    • Ford’s Scattergun is the Long Gun, the Labyrinth Staff is the Melee weapon, and the Cube Gun is the Handgun
    • For the Rings, you’ll need Zania’s Malice, Anastasija’s Inspiration, Black Cat Band, and Amber Moonstone
    • You’ll also need Leto’s Amulet
  2. You’ll also need specific Archetypes and Skills:
    • You’ll need the level 5 Invader Skill, Worm Hole and the level 10 Explorer Skill, Fortune Hunter Corrupted Biome Portal Location

How to Find the Corrupted Biome Portal Location

  1. Make sure you have the full loadout equipped, and have gained an aura of corruption
  2. Head to the Shifting Portal, which can be reached easily from the Fractured Ingress Checkpoint, provided you opened up the shortcut
  3. Wait for the Portal to be facing downward and panning right
  4. You’ll need to go through for a couple of seconds after it first phases
  5. If timed correctly, a landing pad will form beneath you
  6. Run over to the corrupted portal and use the Biome Portal Key to open it
  7. You will now be taken to the Backrooms

How To Find Strange Box, Bisected Ring and Gunfire Security Lanyard in Developer Room/Backrooms

How to Unlock Archon Archetype via the Hexahedron Engram

  1. Head to Wallace and purchase the Hexahedron Engram
  2. Make sure you have the required quantity of every item needed to make the purchase:
    • 1 Strange Box
    • 10 Lumenite Crystals
    • 1000 scrap
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