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Here’s How To Unlock The Hidden Shin Akuma Transformation In Street Fighter 6

Akuma has only recently been added as the final DLC character in Season 1 of Capcom’s fighting game, Street Fighter 6, and fans have already discovered how to unlock his hidden Shin Akuma form.

The process of unlocking the hidden Shin Akuma transformation in Street Fighter 6 is a little complicated, so we’ve provided a step-by-step guide that should make it simpler for those looking to try it out.

Street fighter 6 shin akuma

How To Unlock Shin Akuma In Street Fighter 6

Follow the steps outlined below to unlock Shin Akuma in Street Fighter 6.

  1. Enter practice mode, and pick Akuma as your character
  2. Press back and all three punch and kick buttons simultaneously to trigger Akuma’s secret taunt
  3. You’ll know the secret taunt worked if Akuma sits down with his back turned towards the opponent
  4. Just as Akuma is about to get back up towards the end of the taunt animation, press down and all three punch and kick buttons simultaneously
  5. If the input registered correctly, Akuma will continue to sit instead of standing up, and will be seen eating a rice ball
  6. The rice ball should refill his super gauge if it isn’t already already full
  7. When Akuma finishes eating, he’ll get purple aura around him before getting back up
  8. Akuma has now turned into Shin Akuma

As Shin Akuma, players will have access to 3 new moves. He’ll be able to perform two Zanku Hadokens in the air, but only after a forward jump. Furthermore, the DLC character can perform 2 additional Super Arts as Shin Akuma, namely Misogi and Kongou Kokuretsu Zan.

As for what the future of Street Fighter 6 holds, the game’s latest update added content that hints at the return of a major character. The Season 2 update for Street Fighter VI added a new quest for its World Tour mode, which leads players to confidential documents that hint at the return of a major character via future DLC. The aforementioned confidential documents are said to contain records of Neo Shadaloo’s pursuit of a man named Bison.

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