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Street Fighter VI Update Hints At Return Of A Major Character Via Future DLC

The latest update for Capcom’s fighting game, Street Fighter VI, has added new details that hint at the return of a major character via future DLC.

The Season 2 update for Street Fighter VI has added a new quest for its World Tour mode, which leads players to confidential documents that hint at the return of a major character via future DLC. The aforementioned confidential documents are said to contain records of Neo Shadaloo’s pursuit of a man named Bison.

Street fighter vi dlc character

A search log in the confidential documents mentions a resurrected Bison and unharmed subjects with dormant Psycho Power or Psycho Power residuals as search targets. It is stated that troops have been dispatched to search for Lord Bison. The residuals are being searched through backup information obtained from Psycho Power.

The confidential document further states that the search team located a man riding a horse and imbued with a purple aura. He had white hair, tattered clothes, but looked dignified with bold eyes. This individual is presumed to be Lord Bison. However, contact with the search team was lost shortly after.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that residual thoughts were found in the reactivated Psycho Power on the same day. As a result, search for and analysis of residuals was brought to an end.. The document also mentions a Restoration phase and the discovery of a missing body.

The new quest in Street Fighter VI’s World Tour mode rewards players with Shadaloo clothing, including pants, gloves and boots.

Based on the above information, it’s fairly obvious that M. Bison has been resurrected, and Neo Shadaloo has major plans for him. It’s likely that he may be the first DLC character to be added to the roster during Season 2 of Street Fighter VI.

Street Fighter VI is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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