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V Rising Admin Commands Guide For PC

Stunlock Studios’ multiplayer survival game V Rising offers server admin commands that players can access from their own private games and set custom rules. Private games allow you to tailor the game according to your preferences. It can be made easier or more challenging by tweaking the plethora of individual settings available for your vampire as well as enemy mobs.

How to Enable Admin Commands

The first thing you need to do is enable the console. Head to the Options menu, and from there check the “Console enabled” setting. With that out of the way, hit play and begin a private game. V Rising admins can use the in-game command console to execute instructions by using the tilde key (“ ` ”) found below the Escape key when signed in to a private server.

V Rising List Of Admin Commands

Type “List” into the console and hit Enter. This will reveal all the admin commands that you can experiment with in V Rising. Here are some of the notable ones along with a brief description of what they do.

  • adminauth – assigns you the privileges of game admin for the server
  • give [name] – gives you a specified amount of the named item
  • giveset – allows you to scroll through different sets of armor and weapons and acquire the one you pick
  • kick [name/ip/userID] – the user found based on your search criteria is kicked from the server
  • banuser[name/ip/userID] – the user found based on your search criteria is banned from the server
  • unban[name/ip/userID] – the user found based on your search criteria is unbanned from the server
  • banned – Lists all banned user IDs
  • bancharacter – allows you to ban a specified character

V Rising is a open-world survival game developed and published by Stunlock Studios. Players assume control of a vampire, after which their hint for blood begins. You’ll be required to look for blood in nearby settlements in order to regain strength and avoid sunlight.

Survival is key to success, and in order to accomplish this, you’ll need to forge alliances with other online players and conquer the land of the living. The game was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on May 17, 2022.

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