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Xbox Exclusive Hellblade 2 & Avowed Rumored Release Date Revealed

The rumored release date for both Xbox Game Studios’ Hellblade 2 and Avowed have been revealed, based on the latest information.

According to Twitter user Sn0w1n, who is known for sharing leaks and rumors in the past, Hellblade 2 has a release date set somewhere around the end of 2023 and Avowed will launch sometime in the year 2024.

Hellblade 2 avowed release date

The leaker added that he is “100%” sure about the release windows for both titles, provided that there are no issues associated with either game’s release.

Last month, the same leaker had shared that there were serious conversations at Xbox regarding whether to release both Hellblade 2 and Avowed within an interval of 2-3 months from each other in the last few months of 2023 or to delay one of them to 2024. However, he now claims that the conversations have culminated in Hellblade 2 being set for release by the end of 2023 and Avowed launching sometime in the year 2024.

Previously, it was revealed that Avowed was reportedly rebooted, and the reason behind it was that Obsidian wanted to focus on features that matter the most to the project. During the latest episode of The Xbox Two, editor at Windows Central and podcaster Jez Corden revealed that the development of Avowed was rebooted by Obsidian because the studio wanted to focus on features that mattered the most to the project. The development team felt that it really needed to step up its game for Avowed now that it is a part of Xbox Games Studios.

According to Jez, Obsidian wished to demonstrate that it is now a AAA game studio that can deliver an ambitious project. However, despite having all sorts of features planned for the game, the studio was unable to make it work the way it had wanted, and that’s when the development team decided to go back to the drawing board and focus specifically on features that are more meaningful to the RPG project.

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