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Avowed Development Was Reportedly Restructured To Focus On Features That Matter

The reason why the development of Avowed was reportedly rebooted was because Obsidian wanted to focus on features that matter the most to the project.

During the latest episode of The Xbox Two, editor at Windows Central and podcaster Jez Corden revealed that the development of Avowed was rebooted by Obsidian because the studio wanted to focus on features that mattered the most to the project. The development team felt that it really needed to step up its game for Avowed now that it is a part of Xbox Games Studios.

According to Jez, Obsidian wished to demonstrate that it is now a AAA game studio that can deliver an ambitious project. However, despite having all sorts of features planned for the game, the studio was unable to make it work the way it had wanted, and that’s when the development team decided to go back to the drawing board and focus specifically on features that are more meaningful to the RPG project.

Even with Microsoft’s support, the development team felt that Obsidian is still a small studio compared to Bethesda, which has hundreds of people working on a single project. Jez also said that Obsidian doesn’t see the changes made to Avowed’s development as a reboot. To the studio, it is more of a change in direction and restructuring.

The studio is now looking to make a game that shares Obsidian’s DNA. The development team is building upon the RPG elements seen in The Outer Worlds and creating a bigger and better role-playing game. Jez added that Avowed already looks gorgeous, and that his impression are based on very old footage from the game.

Avowed is an upcoming AAA RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. It was previously hinted that Obsidian Entertainment is working on a brand new AAA RPG in addition to Grounded and The Outer Worlds. This turned out to be Avowed, and the studio is aiming for it to be the spiritual successor to Skyrim in a way that The Outer Worlds was to Fallout.

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