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Xbox Series X Has Started To Ship Early By Microsoft; Gears 5/FH4 XSX Update Reportedly 60+ GB

Microsoft is starting to ship Xbox Series X early for some users while others are reporting that their pre-order status has changed to shipped.

Microsoft has started to change the status of pre-order for those who had placed it for Xbox Series X and S. According to multiple reports on reddit, the status of the pre-order has changed to shipped while the console will be delivered to the user on the launch date, which is November 10.

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In certain special cases, like this one, the user was lucky enough to get early access to the Xbox Series X. He received his pre-order console directly from Microsoft Portugal. He was able to place a pre-order when they opened up officially and was able to see that it is near his home in a facility, however, despite the delivery date listed as November 11, the console was delivered earlier.

xbox series x shipping now

The ironic part is that the shipment still shows as “in transit” even if the console was already delivered. It also appears that Gears 5 will require a massive update to install before playing on the Xbox Series X. The user reported that he had to download an update that was roughly 70 GB. The same is the case with Forizon Horizon 4, which has a 60+ GB update for Microsoft’s next-generation console.

As far as the Xbox Series X enhanced games are concerned, he mentions that Ark Survival Evolved, Gears 5, and Forza Horizon 4 are the only ones that show up as enhanced for the console. There might be more games that he possibly didn’t own, but these are the big ones for now.

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If you have pre-ordered your Xbox Series X console, you might get it closer to launch, or on the launch date. Not everyone is going to have the same luck as this user who managed to get an XSX early.

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