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Xbox Has Two Unannounced Licensed IP Titles In Development


Xbox Game Studios currently has two unannounced titles based on licensed IP in development, as per the latest information.

According to the Linkedin profile of former Senior Business Development Manager at Microsoft, Kat Carson, Xbox Game Studios is currently working on two unannounced titles based on licensed IP. During her work at Microsoft between March, 2020 and February, 2023, Carson dr

Xbox licensed ip

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Similarly, it was reported by The Xbox Two co-host, Shpeshal Nick, that an unannounced licensed IP from Bethesda is being developed under the Disney banner. He didn’t know what Disney IP it is, however. Mention of the licensed IP game was first leaked via the FTC vs Microsoft documents, in which it was stated that the unannounced game is slated for release during the company’s Financial Year 2024 term.

Another Disney IP that Bethesda is confirmed to be working on is a game based on Indiana Jones. Speaking in a recent interview, Indiana Jones Executive Producer Todd Howard shared that he is a huge fan of the movies, and that Raiders of the Lost Ark is his favorite adventure. He mentioned that the franchise can be brought to video games in a unique way, but didn’t go into further detail. Todd did share that exploration will play a key role in the Indiana Jones game adaptation, as that’s what the character does in the movies. He expressed that he wants the player to feel that they are indeed playing an Indiana Jones game and not just watching.


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