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Xenoblade Series Director Says Next Entry Will Be Vastly Different

The Xenoblade Executive Director has hinted that the next entry in the series will be vastly different from the previous ones.

In a message (via) accompanied alongside the Xenoblade 3 OST box, Xenoblade Executive Director, Tetsuya Takahashi, shared that he believes in going on the offense rather than playing on defense, and looks in the direction of change rather than maintain.

Xenoblade next entry

According to Takahashi, this is a stance that he has continued to hold for thirty years. If there is a next entry in the Xenoblade series, it will likely be something vastly different from what came before, he said. He added that, in terms of presentation and music, he would like to make his next project something that will betray everyone’s expectations in a good way.

The latest entry in the series, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, is a 2022 action role-playing game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It continues the narratives of the worlds explored in its predecessors, Xenoblade Chronicles (2010) and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017), offering a conclusive ending to the trilogy.

During its development, the creative team had aimed to create a narrative-driven experience, aligning with the storytelling approach of the series’ first two entries. This intention was seamlessly combined with compelling content and intricate combat mechanics inherited from previous Xeno titles. The resulting gameplay harmoniously merges elements from both the initial and second installments. Noteworthy is the involvement of Nintendo of Europe in localizing the game, consistent with the practices of its forerunners.

Set within the realm of Aionios, Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s storyline unfolds amidst the ongoing conflict between two rival nations, Keves and Agnus. The perpetual war is waged by soldiers with lifespans lasting only a decade. The narrative follows Noah, the central character, alongside childhood companions Eunie and Lanz from Keves, as well as Mio and her determined comrades Sena and Taion from Agnus. Empowered by Ouroboros, an enigmatic force, these unlikely allies unite to seek safety, gradually uncovering the mysteries behind the ceaseless war and the fundamental nature of their world.

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