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Xenogears HD Remaster Fan Project Is Now Available

A fan made HD remaster of Square Enix’s 1998 role-playing game Xenogears is now available for fans to play.

The Xenogears HD remaster features reworked, high resolution 2D and 3D assets that allow the game to look crisp and clean on a 4K display, while remaining faithful to the original work.

How To Install Xenogears HD Remaster

In order to install the fan made HD remaster, follow the following steps:

  • Download Retroarch
  • Download the latest Beetle PSX HW
  • Download the HD pack
  • Put the HD pack in the’ same Folder as your .iso
    • Example: “Xenogears_USA_Disc 1-texture-replacements”

Xenogears Default vs HD Remaster Screenshot Comparison

A series of screenshot comparisons between the default version of Xenogears running via emulation and the fan made HD remaster can be seen below.

Xenogears hd remaster Xenogears hd remaster

Xenogears hd remaster Xenogears hd remaster

Xenogears is a 1998 role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console. It is the debut entry in the larger Xeno franchise. Players must navigate 3D environments using humanoid mecha they refer to as “Gears” as well as on foot. A variation of the turn-based “Active Time Battle” system controls combat. The narrative follows protagonist Fei Fong Wong and a number of other characters as they travel the globe in an effort to topple the tyrannical rule of Solaris and unravel mysteries about their home planet. The narrative combines Freudian theory, Jungian psychology, and religious symbolism.

Tetsuya Takahashi and his wife Kaori Tanaka created it as a proposal for Final Fantasy VII, but it was given the green light to be developed as a separate undertaking. It was initially intended to be a Chrono Trigger sequel before becoming an original game with a science fiction setting. “Project Noah” was the working name used during development. The gears were created by Junya Ishigaki and Yoshinori Ogura, while Kunihiko Tanaka created the characters. Anime cutscenes were used to represent the designs during in-game cinematics. The second half of the game’s plot was primarily told through cutscenes due to time restrictions and the team’s overall inexperience.

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