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Ace Attorney Is “Doing Very Well” Globally, According To Capcom

The Ace Attorney series is has been doing really well worldwide, according to Capcom President and COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto.

Speaking during an interview with Famitsu, Capcom President and COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, stated that the Ace Attorney series (known as Gyakuten Saiban in Japan) has been doing very well worldwide. The statement came in response to a question regarding Capcom’s initiatives to utilize existing IP.

Ace attorney capcom

On the topic of demand for the revival and continuation of existing IP seeing a surge, the Capcom President and COO said that this development was only made possible due to digital technology becoming mainstream. He added that, with a digital store, the publisher can sell a game immediately to the consumer.

In the case of the Mega Man series, Tsujimoto mentioned that Capcom has released collections in the past, and has data on sales figures. Therefore, it was easy for the publisher to predict success for Mega Man titles in different regions. As for both Ghost Trick and the Ace Attorney series, Tsujimoto stated that they have been doing very well globally under the direction of Shu Takumi.

Ace Attorney is a series of visual novel adventure games developed by Capcom. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the first game in the series, debuted in 2001 with a narrative inspired by legal dramas. Since then, five additional games in the main series, as well as a number of spin-offs, prequels, and high-definition remasters for newer gaming consoles, have been released. The series has also inspired manga series, drama CDs, musicals, and stage plays. It has also been adapted into a live-action movie and an anime.

A number of defence attorneys, including Phoenix Wright, his mentor Mia Fey, and his pupils Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes, are represented by the player as they investigate cases and represent their clients in court. They uncover the truth by questioning witnesses and looking for discrepancies between their witnesses’ testimony and the evidence they have gathered.

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