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Age of Empires IV May Release On Xbox After February 2023 Based On Updated Roadmap

Xbox Game Studios’ Age of Empires IV is expected to release on Xbox consoles some time after February, 2023.

According to the new roadmap for Age of Empires IV, the Xbox console release of the game is expected soon after February, 2023. The roadmap was revealed as part of the Age franchise’s 25th Anniversary celebration post on the series’ official site.

Age of empires iv

In the post, developer Relic Entertainment shares that there will be new content available in the game beginning from February 2023, including requested features and some enchanting environmental surprises for fans with Season Four: Enchanted Grove.

According to the developer, Season Four will also bring some exciting balance changes and will also be continuing the work to further decrease chat delay based on the community feedback. Here’s just a quick look at some of what fans can expect next February:

  • Nomad Mode: With Nomad mode selected, you’ll start with a few scattered villagers instead of a Town Center. Without a Town Center, you’ll need to take care of your slower start to be tactical and adapt to the unpredictable! The mode can be selected via the Game Setup screen for custom and skirmish matches.
  • Landmark Improvements: Landmarks are set to receive balance improvements, as well as enhancements to some of the Landmark selections that haven’t quite made the mark with fans.
  • Improved Mod UI: Players will be able to find and download mods much easier than before.
  • Reduced Chat Delay: The game will receive fixes to ensure faster time between the messages players send in-game.
  • Special Seasonal Biome: Season 4 will bring an enchanted place with some interesting sights to look at, along with the addition of seasonal elements during Events.
  • Improved Minimap and Garrison interfaces: Starting in Season Four, players will have the ability to resize their minimap to 100% (default), 125% or 150%. In addition, the developer is bringing a new Garrison UI that allows players to see the building info panel while units are garrisoned

Lastly, the studio is looking forward to bringing Age of Empires IV to Xbox consoles some time after February 2023.

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