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Anthem Post-Launch Roadmap Act 1 Shared, Features New Events, Stronghold, Mission, and More

Bioware has revealed their post-launch roadmap for Anthem, an upcoming third-person shooter with a focus on multiplayer. It recently had two different demos beginning with a private VIP demo and ending with an open beta.

After the open beta ended early this month, there was a strange portal that appeared in the sky. It led to the players fighting an ancient beast and the developers teased that it is a taste of the live events that will appear in the game.

Since Anthem is a Games As A Service release, it will get a lot of post-launch support. The roadmap for the upcoming Anthem updates was shared by Bioware today. Get a look at all the upcoming content planned for Anthem below.

Here is a breakdown of what’s included in the post-launch roadmap for Anthem. There will be more content to follow with Act 2 and Act 3 respectively. Bioware has only revealed the first Act details.

Act 01 Echoes of Reality:

  • New events
  • QoL updates
  • New rewards
  • Expanded Progression system
  • New Stronghold
  • Guilds & Leaderboards
  • New Missions
  • The Cataclysm

Get a glimpse of some of it in action in the official video that gives a breakdown of some of the upcoming content coming to Anthem after its launch.

The first Act is broken into three stages: Evolving World, Stronger Together and the Cataclysm. No information was shared on what’s planned for Act 2 or 3 but stay tuned to find out more once the game launches later on February 22 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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