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Apex Legends: MRVN Arm Guide

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is currently celebrating the brand new Fight Night collection event, and as part of this new update, MRVN’s are returning to the game.

These MRVNs can only be found on the Olympus map, and when players interact with them their screens start spinning like a slot machine. If the icon the screen lands on is a happy one, you’ll get a bunch of loot.

But by default, there’s no telling what loot you’ll get, or even if what you receive is going to be particularly rare.

There is however a way to guarantee that MRVNs will drop gold tier loot, but it does involve a bit of work and violence.

Apex Legends MRVN Arm Guide

If you come across an MRVN while exploring the Olympus map, interact with it to get whatever loot it has to give. Afterward, shoot and kill it so that you can get its arm. It’s essential that you do not forget to pick this up.

Apex Legends

The arm has no basic function by itself, but it does take up space in your inventory just like any other item in the game.

Now if you explore the map a bit more and find another MRVN wandering about, you can gift it the arm from your inventory. The robot will be so overjoyed, that it will then give you a ton of gold tier items, including armor and hop-ups

This has been our Apex Legends MRVN Arm Guide. While you’re here, I recommend that you also check out our Apex Legends Gibraltar’s Heirloom Guide. It has relevance to the exact same Fight Night event, and it tells you how to acquire some very unique items.

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