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Genshin Impact: Lingju Pass Iron Coin Locations

Genshin Impact

If you’ve been keeping up with Genshin Impact over the past couple of weeks, you will no doubt be aware that the brand new Lost Riches event is currently underway in the game.

You can snag a bunch of cool new rewards for yourself while this is happening, the most appealing of which is the Mini Seelie pet. It’s technically classified as a ‘Gadget’ in the game, but it mostly functions just like any cosmetic item.

To buy this pet you’ll need around 280 Iron Coins, which is a unique new currency that is exclusive to the Lost Riches event. And these are fairly easy to find, even if the whole process of collecting them is a bit too grindy.

So this guide will then help you find all of the Iron Coins buried in the Lingju Pass region of the game.

Lingju Pass Iron Coin Locations

The Lingju Pass can be found exactly due east on the map from the city of Liyue Harbor. It should be fairly easy to identify since it is home to some old ruins.

There are a total of 60 Iron Coins scattered in different spots all over these ruins, and the image below will give you an exact location on the map for all of them.

Genshin Impact

For your convenience, follow the path as dictated by the numbers to collect all of the coins as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can be incredibly easy to simply lose track of your location in this game.

This has been our Genshin Impact Lingju Pass Iron Coin Locations guide. You can also check out our Falcon Coast Iron Coin Locations guide here.

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