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Genshin Impact: Falcon Coast Iron Coin Locations

Genshin Impact

The brand new Lost Riches event is currently ongoing in Genshin Impact, and players can acquire a bunch of cool new items and resources if they participate in it.

One of these incredible new rewards is the brand new Mini Seelie pet, which players can only get while this event is live. It costs 280 Iron Coins to buy, but this new resource is relatively easy to farm if you just know where to look.

This guide will show players the exact locations of all the Iron Coins buried in the Falcon Coast, but first, be sure to actually find the NPC Ulman and make sure that you’ve begun the Lost Riches event.

Falcon Coast Iron Coin Locations

The Falcon Coast is located just to the South East of the city of Mondstadt. It’s a series of small islands, near two beaches. There are a total of 60 Iron Coins in this location, spread out over a couple of different spots.

The image below shows all of the spots in the Falcon Coast where you can find Iron Coins buried in the ground.

Genshin Impact

Follow the sequence of the numbers exactly for the most optimal path through the area. This way you won’t lose track of your position, and you’ll be off to the next Iron Coins location as quickly as possible.

Be warned though, this area is not abandoned. There are a bunch of powerful human enemies here that are just aching to make your search difficult. So if possible, deal with them first.

This has been our Genshin Impact Falcon Coast Iron Coin Locations guide. You can also check out our Windwheel Aster Locations guide here.

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