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Genshin Impact: Windwheel Aster Locations

Genshin Impact Windwheel Asters

In Genshin Impact, Windwheel Asters are unique flowers that are needed for both crafting and the Ascensions of a few different playable characters in the game.

This resource is unique only to the Mondstadt Region, but even here it is mostly found sparsely scattered around the area.

So this guide will show you where you can farm this item.

Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster Locations

Windwheel Aster flowers can be found in a few different locations in Mondsradt.


In the southeast of the city of Mondstadt, there is a Statue of the Seven in a place named Windrise. It’s easy enough to locate since there is a gigantic tree in the area.

Genshin Impact Windwheel Asters

Players can find Windwheel Aster flowers sprinkled all around this area, but they can a bit tough to spot. Climb the boulders and ledges in the vicinity to get a better view of the location.

Dawn Winery:

Dawn Winery is located to the southwest of the city of Mondstadt.

You can find Windwheel Aster flowers growing here amongst the trees and the vineyards. They aren’t hard to spot at all.

Stormterror’s Lair:

If you’re really desperate for Windwheel Asters, you can also go and search for them in Stormterror’s Lair to the northwest of Mondstadt.

Genshin Impact Windwheel Asters

This is a very dangerous location with several tough enemies, but at the same time, it’s a very generous source of this resource. The flowers are a bit hard to locate here because of the numerous different foes and the natural stone formations jutting out of the ground, but just keep exploring for a while and you can accumulate a pretty decent haul.

Farming Windwheel Asters

Once you’ve collected all of the Windwheel Aster flowers in a location, you have to wait a while for them to respawn again. There is no set timer that we know of so far, but the general understanding is that all resources in the game take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to reset.

So if you’re in a hurry, either keep looking around random trees in Mondstadt and you might get lucky, or bide your time and wait.

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