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Sony X90H PS5 Ready TV Reportedly Won’t Support All Console Features Including VRR

Sony marketed one of its flagship X90H TVs, especially for PS5. They had promoted these TVs offering all HDMI 2.1 features, but that might not be true.

Sony X90H is a Full-Array LED from Sony that they started to market as being PS5-ready at launch. It has been discovered today that one of the prominent PS5 features, its ability to support VRR (variable refresh rate) won’t be possible on X90H.

In an update to the official website, the company has listed features for its current lineup of TV sets, and VRR and ALLM are not listed as support for the X90H.

Model series 8K60 4K120 eARC VRR ALLM
XBR Z8H  ✔  ✔  ✔
XBR X900H / 90CH  ✔*  ✔*
Other 2020 models

The variable refresh rate is an important part of the PS5 with games that support 120 FPS. It could also help in games where the frame rate is 60 FPS but tends to fluctuate a lot. The support of 120 FPS is implemented in many of the launch PS5 games from Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition.

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Another feature that is not marked for the X90H TV is ALLM (auto low latency mode). “ALLM lets a game console, PC or other device send a signal to the display which will cause it to automatically switch to a low-latency, low-lag mode for gaming.”

While it is a major bummer that these features are not supported by the X90H as of right now, we have to treat this as a rumor because Sony hasn’t shared an official statement on this matter. They could add support for VRR or ALLM in a future firmware update if they haven’t ditched their plans to do so, but we can only go by what the official website has added in a new update.

Some users on social media platforms did suggest that even Sony support has acknowledged the lack of VRR and ALLM in X90H, but this could also be misinformation and Sony could end up implementing these missing features through an update later down the line.

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