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Aquaman Is Now The Best Grossing DC Superhero Movie Surpassing The Dark Knight Rises

Aquaman has become the best grossing DC Superhero movie of all time shattering the record set by The Dark Knight Rises.

As Aquaman continues to make more money overseas, it first opened with a great result in China and then continued to make money in the other international market. It had a late domestic opening but despite that, Aquaman had some great legs over the weekend and has earned more than $300 million in the domestic market with its current trajectory outpacing Suicide Squad, which ended up with $330 million and above.

Aquaman made more than $1 billion this year and then continued to generate some buzz and revenue at the box office. That was more than enough for it to arrive at the current figure of $1.09 billion, which puts it above $1.084 billion made by The Dark Knight Rises. This means Aquaman is now the undisputed winner of the box office for DC Superhero movies.

The Dark Knight and its sequel The Dark Knight Rises, both made over one billion at the box office and were the only two DC Superhero movies to achieve this feat. It took a long time but Aquaman in its first solo outing has finally outgrossed The Dark Knight Rises taking the crown from it.

Aquaman was directed by James Wan who has a penchant for creating blockbusters one after another. The movie was a big hit in China and even did well in the rest of the world. It avoided the curse of the DC Superhero movies and scored well with critics and managed to debut with a strong weekend and further extended it with sold legs showing at the box office.


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  1. Xino January 30, 2019

    glad it did great.
    movie was stunningly impressive!


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