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Here’s When Avengers Endgame Reviews Will Be Out

Avengers Endgame is easily one of the most anticipated movies of the year. It might as well be the most anticipated movie of the decade considering it is the conclusion of the first generation of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s when you will be able to read the Avengers Endgame reviews after the embargo set by Disney ends for it.

Avengers Endgame is reportedly more than three hours long so that makes it a huge movie to see in the cinemas. The long runtime makes sense since there is a lot to unpack here.

Marvel has been releasing trailers for the movie since the end of last year. The first trailer didn’t reveal much for the story and the subsequent trailers are also ambiguous at best, but we do have an idea of a final battle based on the most recent footage from the film.

When Will Avengers Endgame Reviews and Social Media Embargo End?

According to Jeremy Conrad, editor-in-chief of MCUComics, Avengers Endgame review embargo will end on April 23rd at 3:00 PM PST.

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This final entry will play a key role in setting up the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movies that are set after it is going to feature different superheroes that have met their fate in Infinity War so it will be interesting to see how Spider-Man comes back, or how the Guardians of the Galaxy crew returns for the last film in the trilogy under James Gunn.

You can see the movie in the cinemas on April 26, 2019.

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