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Avengers Endgame Runtime Rumored To Be More Than 3 Hours Long

Avengers Endgame runtime was reportedly rumored to be more than three hours long. Here’s how long the movie is going to be as we get near its theatrical release date.

The first Avengers movie was more than two hours long clocking in approximately 143 minutes. It was followed by Avengers: Age of Ultron which was almost the same length at about 142 minutes. Lastly, Avengers Infinity War was the largest movie out of the whole Avengers saga clocking in at two hours and 40 minutes.

How Long Is Avengers Endgame Runtime?

The current rumor that has been making the rounds recently is from Anton Volkov of TrailerTrack. According to him, the movie will be more than three hours long at the least.

There is no exact runtime given for it yet aside from the speculation of the runtime exceeding three hours including credits and any post-credits scene.

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Anton originally shared that it will be 182 minutes so roughly three hours and then some, but he later deleted the tweet clarifying his source that it was likely fake but from what he has heard, the general sentiment regarding the movie’s runtime is that it is going to be over three hours long.

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Regardless of what it will end up becoming as the release date gets closer, considering the runtime of Avengers Infinity War, it won’t be surprising to see Endgame taking it one step further after all it will be the conclusion to the first generation of Marvel superheroes setting up the way for the future.

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