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Avowed & Hellblade 2 Next Xbox Exclusives To Launch After Starfield, Fable Enters Full Production

Avowed and Hellblade 2 are reportedly the next major Xbox first party titles set for launch after Starfield, while Fable has only recently entered full production.

During the latest VGC podcast, Editor in Chief Andy Robinson stated that Avowed and Hellblade 2 will be the next major first party releases on Xbox after the launch of Starfield, and that Fable has just entered full production.

Avowed hellblade 2 starfield fable xbox

Robinson further stated that Fable is “miles away” from release. Co-host Jordan Miller added that the term “Witcher-like” was often brought up to describe the Playground Games developed title. With regards to Perfect Dark and Everwild, it was said that neither game is anywhere close to release.

Perfect Dark had previously been rumored to be facing development issues. Based on the information, the game is expected to be released after the next Tomb Raider game. According to a member of enthusiast gaming forum Reset Era, who had previously provided accurate information about developer Crystal Dynamics as well as Marvel’s Avengers, the new Tomb Raider game is in active development, while the development of Perfect Dark has been facing certain issues. They added that they expect a gap of at least a year between both aforementioned releases.

Avowed hellblade 2 starfield fable xbox

Perfect Dark is the first project by The Initiative, a Microsoft studio founded in 2018 and headed by Darrell Gallagher. After receiving a couple job offers from Microsoft, Gallagher, who had previously worked on the 2013 Tomb Raider remake, decided to work on a Perfect Dark reboot. Prior to Gallagher joining The Initiative, plans for the game had already been discussed at the studio. Xbox chief Phil Spencer stated that the game is considered as a chance for the heroine Joanna Dark to expand the Xbox family. The game is reportedly being developed in Unreal Engine, and includes a variety of weaponry, devices, as well as a camera surveillance system.

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