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New Bandai Namco Studio Is Working On 2D & 3D Action Games For Nintendo

A new development studio at Bandai Namco Entertainment is currently working on 2D and 3D action games for Nintendo.

Studio 2/Studio S is a new internal development team at Bandai Namco that is currently working on 2D and 3D action games commissioned by Nintendo, based on its job listing. The listing suggests that the 3D game is likely to be a remaster or a remake of an existing Nintendo title.

Bandai namco nintendo action game

Not a whole lot is known about either game, though the job description in an earlier listing for this project mentioned HD remastering of deformed 3D backgrounds, porting of existing 3D background data, creation of deformed background assets Incorporation of data into in-house game engine, material adjustment using in-house game engine, creation of lighting in in-house game engines, and post-effects adjustment in in-house game engine.

Meanwhile, the job description for the 2D game mentions the construction of stage specifications, level designs etc. for side-view action games, suggesting that it may be the next Smash Bros title.

Previously, in a recent column, Sakurai mentioned his plans including what he thinks will happen with the Smash Bros. IP in the future. When asked if Sakurai will return for a new entry, his reply was: “I’m not even thinking of a sequel at all. This happens with every release. But I can’t say that this will be the last Smash ever.”

He also suggests that without his involvement, there won’t be a new game in the series. Sakurai has also tried to hire others to do this job, but apparently, this hasn’t worked out, or it was implied that it couldn’t work at all. While a new Smash could release without him, it may lead to disappointment among fans if it doesn’t end up living up to its predecessor’s success. If Nintendo plans to continue the series, Sakurai wishes to have a long discussion in order to make it a success.

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