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Marvel’s Wolverine Playable PC Dev Build Leaked, Showing Combat, Missions & Character Models

A playable PC developmental build of Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac Games’ upcoming superhero title, Marvel’s Wolverine, has leaked.

After the recent ransomware attack that had hit developer Insomniac Games, hackers gained access to a playable PC developmental build of the studio’s upcoming title, Marvel’s Wolverine, which has since been made available to the public.

Marvel's wolverine pc

Marvel’s Wolverine Leaked PC Developmental Build Combat Tutorial

A screenshot from the combat tutorial found in the leaked PC developmental build of Marvel’s Wolverine can be seen below.

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Additionally, 25 minutes of leaked gameplay can be seen by following the link here.

Marvel’s Wolverine Title Screen Revealed

The title screen for Marvel’s Wolverine seen in the leaked developmental build can be seen below. This may or may not change in the final release.

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Marvel’s Wolverine Combat Abilities & Stealth Details

Presentation slides on the combat abilities and stealth gameplay featured in Marvel’s Wolverine can be seen below.

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Mission Design Template

Templates for mission design and flow for possible Shipyard, Construction, and NYPD missions can be seen below.

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Previously, the story and casting details for Marvel’s Wolverine were leaked courtesy of the same ransomware attack. According to the leaked documents, Marvel’s Wolverine will be set in Alaska, Avalon, Canada, Japan, and Madripoor. The game begins with an introductory cinematic, after which Logan will find himself in a cabin. Multiple items must be interacted with before he can leave the cabin: claw marks, fire, mallet, radio, papers, cooler. Walter will greet him outside the cabin, and they’ll go through a walking segment. Logan will then be taught to parkour and do other traversal mechanics by completing a small course along the mountainside. Walter and Logan will reach a small hunting site and Walter will instruct Logan to hunt a caribou. This is when Logan will further be taught to use his Senses to follow glowing gold hoof prints in the snow.

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