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Bioshock 4 Development Rumored To Be Struggling Due To Poor Management

The development of Take-Two Interactive’s Bioshock 4 is rumored to be struggling due to poor management, among other reasons.

According to Twitter user oopsleaks, who has shared leaks regarding in-development games in the past, Bioshock 4 is in development hell. They stated that, despite a complete shift in development leadership, the series continues to grapple with the haunting curse of problematic development. While no specific game details were provided by them, the Twitter user said that this is likely their final update on the project.

Bioshock 4 development

Based on what they stated, the project underwent its fourth reboot in the summer of 2022. As per the Twitter user, the consistent changes in development teams and concepts do not bode well for the Bioshock series’ future. While the setting is likely to remain the same, the game is currently undergoing extensive and drastic rewrites.

The work structure within the studio appears to be highly disorganized, they said. Unfortunately, the development process has been plagued by complications such as the ongoing pandemic and Quebec’s Bill 96. A significant turnover in staff has been observed, with numerous contract workers whose tasks are subsequently redone by less qualified specialists.

According to oopsleaks, the studio employs a notable number of individuals lacking notable experience, which is highly uncommon considering the typical requirements of 3 to 7 years of experience for most positions. The narrative team has faced substantial challenges, as they have been “unable to write a script worthy of a renowned franchise” over the course of the game’s development. This issue has played a pivotal role in the decision to reboot the project.

Bioshock 4 development

They added that nearly a year since the last reboot, progress appeared to be getting back on track. The Cloud Chamber trademark was reestablished in March, and the recent Take-Two Interactive earnings call indicated that Bioshock 4 is still slated for release in Fiscal Year 2025. Additionally, there has been an influx of job listings, signifying active development.

However, these developments do not overshadow the concern that the next Bioshock game remains in a state of limbo, they said. Failure to announce it this summer will likely result in a complete cluster of complications, making it highly improbable for the game to meet the aforementioned release plans.

According to the Twitter user, poor management, uncertainties regarding financial success, and questionable staffing decisions contribute to the game’s arduous and protracted development process. The lack of significant updates or announcements has only led to further confusion and uncertainty surrounding Bioshock 4’s future.

Previously, it was reported that Bioshock 4 takes place in Antarctica, and the game is much larger than its predecessors in size and scale.

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