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Black Ops Cold War On PS5 Require This Small Tweak To Run at 120 FPS

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War supports 120 FPS on the PS5, however, it requires a small tweak in order to enable this mode on the console.

Before the launch of the game, Activision had detailed all of the upgrades that will be offered by the Black Ops Cold War. One of these was support for the 120 FPS mode on Xbox Series X and PS5.

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While the 120 FPS mode also has its fair share of issues on the Xbox Series X, it needs a small tweak on the PS5 to be enabled properly.

How To Run Black Ops Cold War at 120 FPS On PS5

  • Go to Settings on your PS5
  • Pick Saved Data and Game/App Settings
  • Scroll down to Game Presets
  • Pick Performance Mode in choice

This will allow the game to run at 120 FPS on the PS5. There is currently no in-game tweak to make it run at a higher frame rate on the PS5.

In addition to running at a higher frame rate, the game also supports adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense controller. This is best seen in action through the video here. While the PS5 version doesn’t have a major issue, there have been reports on how the DualShock 4 controller is having desync issues on the PS4. This can also be fixed until a patch is released.

There are two different modes for the game on the PS5. One runs at a high resolution with ray-tracing and improved visuals at 60 FPS. The other mode runs at 120 FPS although we don’t have an idea of the resolution in this mode. It will only work on the display which supports 120 Hz mode so don’t try to enable it if you don’t have a capable display.

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