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Borderlands 3 Release Date Posted By Official Twitter Account, Could Be Possible April Fool’s

Borderlands 3 release date will be possibly announced on April 3rd, but the official Twitter account posted about it today on April 1st and then quickly deleted the tweet leading fans to speculate on if it was real or fake.

Borderlands 3 was shown at a panel during PAX East. As expected, there is a lot of hype around the release of the game and it has led to a surge in the player count of the whole Borderlands series on Steam.

Today, the official Twitter account made a tweet talking about Gold pre-order skins for Borderlands 3 and listed the release date as September 13, 2019, which is a Friday. It was apparently coming to the Epic Games Store as well, which might have cast a doubt over the release of the game on Steam. The tweet was then quickly deleted but a web archives version of it can still be seen online.

The reference to the release date has been speculated for a while now. It is a theory among the fans that the trailer for the game hides the release date, but it hasn’t been proven yet. Gearbox Software is teasing more information on Borderlands 3 after making a whole new set of announcements for the series and its past games.

Borderlands 3 is not confirmed for any platforms so far. It was revealed with a long trailer but before the announcement, there was a 4chan leak that detailed a lot of the game details, but it has yet to be debunked due to lack of official details surrounding the game aside from the reveal trailer.

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