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Bright Memory Infinite PS5 vs Xbox Series X Comparison: Which Platform Is Best?

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Bright Memory Infinite is now available on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and if you’re wondering which platform offers the best way to play the game, read ahead.

The answer isn’t particularly complicated, though there is a clear winner in this case. Before we get to that, it’s worth mentioning that Bright Memory Infinite runs well on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, there are some differences that give one version an edge over the other.

In terms of resolution and image quality, the PS5 version runs at a native resolution of 1800p in default mode, and the same mode on Xbox Series X runs natively at 2160p. Meanwhile, both versions employ a dynamic resolution in Ray Tracing mode, with the PS5 version capped at 1800p and the Series X version at 2160p. In the High Frame Rate mode, the PS5 version runs at a dynamic 1440p, with 1152p found to be the common native resolution. The Xbox Series X version commands a lead here as well, with a native resolution of 1440p at all times.

Both versions allow the user to alter the FOV via the settings, and use a mixture of the medium/high settings found on PC. The Ray Tracing mode available in both the PS5 and Series X versions only applies RT to reflections. As a result, reflections with RT enabled offer an improvement over the default screen-space reflections.

Bright memory infinite ps5 xbox series x

In terms of frame rate, both platforms run the game well in general. However, the PS5 version struggles to maintain 120fps in High Frame Rate mode, instead hovering closer to 90fps.

On the whole, the Xbox Series X version of Bright Memory Infinite has a clear advantage over the PS5 version, both in terms of resolution/image quality and performance. The two versions are identical in terms of graphical settings, however.

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