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Modern Warfare XP Fix Is Still Not Live, Infinity Ward Issues An Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently facing an issue with XP not being rewarded to the players. Infinity Ward has now issued an update on this fix.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players started to report about the game not giving them XP after completing matches. This started to occur with a new playlist and server update that was pushed recently, and it led to a new bug in the game.

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As per Infinity Ward, they are actively investigating this issue and are quickly working on a fix for it. They had first acknowledged this bug almost a whole day ago but despite all this time, they haven’t managed to fix it yet.

“We’re currently tracking an issue where XP is not being awarded after matches. Our teams are investigating and we’ll provide another update when we have more information. Thank you for your patience, ” said Infinity Ward in a tweet.

After the update wasn’t pushed to fix the Modern Warfare XP glitch, Infinity Ward shared a new statement on their Twitter account.

“We’re continuing our efforts to fix this issue this morning and want to thank you all again for your patience while we do so. We’ll provide another update once the issue has been resolved.”

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As of now, this issue is still plaguing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players. If you are affected by this bug, it is best to wait until an official fix is deployed which should happen hopefully soon.

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