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Capcom Is Carrying Out Discussions To Bring Onimusha Series To Modern Platforms

Capcom is carrying out discussions regarding the hack-and-slash action-adventure series, Onimusha, in order to bring it to modern platforms.

In response to a question during a Q&A session that preceded its 44th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders regarding the publisher’s future plans for expanding the Monster Hunter, Toraware no Paruma, Sengoku BASARA and Onimusha series, Capcom stated that it is carrying out discussions regarding the future expansion of these titles so they can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Onimusha capcom

In this case, expanding to a wider audience suggests that the publisher is considering releasing remasters of older titles in the mentioned series in addition to possibly working on new titles. It also suggests that Capcom may be looking to release the aforementioned remastered on mobile devices.

Another shareholder brought up the success of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which was released in April and has surpassed 1 million units in sales, contributing to existing IP utilization and user expansion. In response to a question regarding the future of the Mega Man series, Capcom stated that, including Mega Man 11, the latest entry in the franchise, Mega Man is one of Capcom’s historic
IPs and is loved by fans. As such, the publisher wants to take care in how it develops the series.

Capcom mentioned that it is considering how it will approach the production of new entries in the series, which require numerous factors, including the development of a solid concept, ideas and gameplay etc. The publisher is also considering how it will approach ports of past entries in the series, which includes addressing technical issues.

Regarding future initiatives specifically for the PC platform, Capcom stated that it believes it is important to grow long-term sales of catalog titles and further capture new users by pursuing digital sales and enhancing support of the platform, which enjoys a large installation base
globally. While the publisher has not disclosed a specific target, it will work to grow its core Digital Contents business by further increasing the value of its brands worldwide and better understand the needs of its customers, with the aim of expanding the company’s overall player base.

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