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Child’s Play Remake Gets a Creepy First Trailer

Child’s Play is getting a remake after the series went through countless sequels. The original Child’s Play will forever remain a nightmare-induced ride but the remake doesn’t look that bad.

In the first Child’s Play, Brad Dourif played a thug who was on the run from police and he knew some black magic that let him transfer his soul into a doll before dying. The new remake doesn’t seem to follow the same plotline but instead could focus on a more ‘robotic’ doll which feels less creepy. It is still early to speculate on how the doll starts killing others.

The new dolls are assembled in a factory and are called Buddi this time. You can also recognize the death of someone which appears to resemble the very first death in the original Child’s Play. Most of the story feels different enough that this might as well be a reimagining of the first film.

Child’s Play will drop in theatres on June 21, 2019. The trailer claims that is is from the producers of IT but that is the only connection. The movie is directed and written by different individuals so don’t expect the same quality from it.

The movie stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry. The movie is being directed by Lars Klevberg who doesn’t appear to have any noticeable film credits and he is new in the field.

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